There’s a new CMS about to be released that could genuinely offer something new: Blocks.  The guy behind it has worked extensively with Expression Engine (beloved of developers everywhere) and definitely has the pedigree to pull off something special.  The question is: has he?

For the past couple of years WordPress has been my ‘go to’ CMS for any site that has required it.  In recent times, with some of the great plugins mentioned here, it has really become a powerhouse – suitable for pretty much any project that has come my way.  However, it’s not without it’s drawbacks.  For all it’s prevalence, it can still be a beast to use for clients.  The admin area is simply ugly – despite improvements with each release.  It’s not as intuitive as it might be.  And so on.  It’s great, but, well, not quite great enough.

So, there’s clearly space for another CMS.  But it’s not an easy thing to pull off … I like Perch, but when I used it (admittedly a little while ago), it didn’t feel like something I’d be comfortable handing off to clients.  I also like Expression Engine but it’s too much for most of the projects I work on.  With a bit of luck, Blocks will be just right.  The only screenshot available suggests that it’ll be a good bit simpler than either WordPress or Expression Engine:



Who’s it for?

Blocks was built for web designers and developers who like to code every last HTML node by hand. It’s for web agencies that strive to make their clients happy by delivering the best solution possible. And it’s for site owners, who just want a simple tool to keep their website updated with fresh content, without going up a steep learning curve.

So far so good.  We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out – private beta is due to open soon, but the creator pedigree is there, the thinking behind it looks good, the pricing model seems fair (core is free, with various add-on’s costing between $50 & $100), it will be extensible with solid plugin architecture, and so on.  So far, we only have this to go on, but it’s enough to raise an eyebrow and some hopes.