The monthly round up of useful things I’ve found in the past … ooh, 30 days or so.

Dealing with broken padlocks on ecommerce sites:

Occasionally, a site I’m working on will throw up problems around it’s security certificate … an ecommerce site would typically require every element on it’s page be referencing a secure location on the site – through https, rather than just plain old http.

When you set up a secure page, that’s all fine … however, as the site matures and more content gets added, it’s inevitable that, at some point content from an insecure location will creep in. What happens in those situations is that the little padlock that sits in the address bar of your browser will display as broken. depending on the browser, the padlock may not be closed tight, may be a different colour, or may have a little warning sign on it.


You need to track down the offending piece of content – and that can be tricky. Enter my favourite tool of the month: Why No Padlock. Simply enter the URL you wish to check and it’ll tell you what insecure resources are being referenced. Sweet. All you need to do now is fix them, and check again. (Beware, when you check again, that the insecure result hasn’t been cached. Best to check in a new browser altogether.)

Regular Coffee …

One just for the U.S. readers I’m afraid … Regular Coffee offers subscription based coffee delivery. Nice, simple site that gets the job done – and a nice example of establishing brand credentials through personality and good writing:

We like coffee. Hell, who doesn’t? And yeah, we can tell the difference between gas station battery acid and a fresh roasted gourmet cuppa. What we don’t like is standing in line behind some be-spectacled coffee shop lurker while he interrogates a nose-in-the-air barista about growing altitudes and roasting temperatures.

We don’t need ten different choices of bean or eight different ways to brew ’em. We just want a good cup of coffee so we can get on with our day. And go to work. At a job! You ever hear of those, Mr. Lurker?

Check it out … and send me some!

This is a web page

This, from Justin Jackson is a neat reminder – lest we forget – that it is words and content that build web pages, web apps, web whatever. Not fancy design, not responsive layouts, not really cool stuff people are doing over there … just words.

Payments in Space?

Worried about how you’re going to shop online from space? Don’t worry, PayPal is on it. (Although, amusingly, their site appears to have a faulty SSL certificate and could be in need of Why No Padlock). PayPal founder, Elon Musk is a leader in the private space race and his company seem (only half-jokingly) intent on solving a galactic payments problem. A problem which, it has to be said, doesn’t really exist yet. (via)

PayPal in Space

… and finally:

For Website Owners

This is bigger news than merits the final spot in a monthly round up, but consider this a pre-announcement for those of you who don’t already know. I’m writing a book. Yikes. The book will support new website owners as they learn how to promote, manage and develop their website to help their business.

It has a supporting website: For Website Owners, which is a blog covering similar issues. And to learn more about the book itself, you can check out the book page.

For Website Owners

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