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responsive jQuery video plugin

It’s been all about jQuery plugins for responsive web design these past few weeks … and here’s another good one: FitVids: A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds. And, nicely done this, they’re using another responsive jQuery plugin – FitText for the heading text. Nice work all round.  Hurrah!

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The Semantic Grid System

Really, this should be filed under ‘probably too good to be true’ … but let’s hear it out. So, here’s the problem: there are a ton of great grid based CSS frameworks for designers to work with – frameworks which provide a baseline for dividing up the page into a usable grid via a series […]

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Photo Dune – some new stock photography at last?

I’m kinda hoping that Photo Dune kicks some stock photography butt … for no other reason than I’m getting royally hacked off with istockphoto and their ‘credits’ system of purchasing.  It disguises pricing in a way that leaves consumers (well, me, at any rate) feeling cheated.  That and I’m getting so tired of looking at […]

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Beautiful design systems

So, I was reading this article from Happy Cog and it struck a chord with me as regards systems for design. Whenever I start a web design project, I’m looking for elements from previous projects that can be re-used in planning the new project.  I might lift an HTML code base from one, a set […]

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dConstruct 2011

It’s a great looking event – although, for me, it seems to have moved away from the direct relevance of my day to day to a more abstract view on digital product design.  That’s okay – but maybe not for me this year – there are other demands on my conference time this year! BUT […]

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List of tablet screen resolutions

So, here’s a handy list of Tablet Screen Resolutions … am currently developing a mobile application and it seems that once a week we encounter a different set of resolutions. I’m hoping that this will be kept up to date … if anyone knows of a better list (one that includes phones perhaps), please do […]

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Why The Valley Wants Designers That Can Code

I’ve written before about the importance of being able to code as well as design – here’s more fuel to the fire from Jared Spool. My opinion: if you’re working in web design and you don’t code, then you’re not working in web design at all. Why The Valley Wants Designers That Can Code » […]

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