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Stop supporting IE6!

Having come across a particulary irksome problem with a client this past week (the problem was not with the client, but the project!), I’ve gotten to thinking: “When the hell is it okay to stop supporting IE6?”. I’m not alone in thinking this – and some more illustrious names than mine have been mulling it […]

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CSS Methodologies, and resource

Natalie Downe is one of the excellent people who make up Clear Left and she gave a presentation at the recent Bar Camp London event – all about the methodology that Clear Left use in their CSS mark up. Ordinarily, I don’t find sets of slides to be particularly useful, but in this case Natalie […]

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Site Launch: Belleek Cottages

I live in a village in Fermanagh, called Belleek. I work next door to a wonderful man called Michael McGrath – he’s a retired teacher, he runs a fishing tackle shop from the back of a tea-room, he fixes the kids bikes when they come round with chains dangling on the floor and brakes that […]

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Site Launch: Kitchen Essence

Ah – I’ve loved this site from the word go! It’s been a long time coming, but Kitchen Essence finally launched late last week. I love it because it’s a simple, classic design that works really well with their product range of (yup) simple, classic kitchen products. Good stuff – and a well done to […]

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Mail Chimp logo design

A nice look at John Hicks’ logo redesign for mailchimp. John is the icon / logo design genius behind such things as the Firefox logo, The Escape Committee logo (my favourite of his, I think), as well as the design work for the new usability testing software suite: Silver Back App. Check out John’s work

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