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PHP Advent and 24Ways

Christmas comes but once a year, but with it comes 2 essential resources that are good value all year round. Chris Shiflett – a PHP security expert – has put together another year of PHP Advent, 24 days worth of good PHP advice. While Drew McLellan brings us the always excellent 24 Ways to impress […]

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Stop supporting IE6!

Having come across a particulary irksome problem with a client this past week (the problem was not with the client, but the project!), I’ve gotten to thinking: “When the hell is it okay to stop supporting IE6?”. I’m not alone in thinking this – and some more illustrious names than mine have been mulling it […]

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Bargain Web App! are offering a great opportunity to build a web app for you – in one week and for peanuts! They’re giving one lucky recipient a fully functioning web app for just €895 – and will delivery it in one week. Given that this has a ‘street value’ of over €17,000 (they’re asking you to […]

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PHP Frameworks

I’m enjoying this tutorial series from the good people at NetTuts, and, I’m looking forward to the rest of it. I’ve tried working with various frameworks before (Zend, Code Igniter, Cake) blah blah blah … but they all seem to end up rather bloated to me with a whole bunch of functions / stuff that […]

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