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Site Launch: NOTS

National Organic Training Skillnet – new website just went live. They offer a ton of training resources for people looking to ‘do good stuff’ organically – it’s training for the Irish Organic Sector, and there’s 60 odd courses that they offer from grassland and soil management to homeopathy for animals. Something for everyone then!

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Site Launch: A Cameron Associates

Alex Cameron is a good friend of mine from back when I was in New York … as such it was a pleasure to hear she has branched out to work on her own and set up this event consulting company. If you need help with your event development, give her a call!

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Site launch: Derry Brothers

A small site for a shipping company based in Armagh. Derry Brothers have been in the business for more years than they probably care to remember – and they’ve now got a great little site on which to tell people all about it!

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Site launch: ACI Alumni

We launched the website for the ACI Alumni program last week. It’s a project I’m particularly proud of – incorporating many elements of social networking sites, but in a corporate enviroment. Forums, online chats, site mail, etc. etc. It’s good – and it meant I got to work with an old colleague of mine – […]

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