Your website just launched … now, where are the visitors? They’re not coming unless you have a plan to attract them. And that’s where your digital marketing strategy comes in. Going beyond ‘just’ traffic – cultivating an audience that loves your products or services is the end goal of a successful digital marketing strategy – and we can help.

Search Engine Optimisation

Guess what: search engine optimisation is like everything else in the world … there’s no ‘trick’ to it, there’s no secret formula, no means of succeeding over night. If you want to do well you have to work at it. Today, next week, this year, and next.

From the design of the site, to the ongoing content development, there are many valid techniques and best practices to ensure your website performs as well as possible within search engines.

Our consultative process for Search Engine Optimisation involves you directly – nobody knows your products or services better – and together we form and implement a plan that is both sustainable and achievable.

Email Marketing

It always pays to take a direct approach to content marketing and customer development – and that’s where email marketing comes in. Our email marketing services integrate seamlessly with your website. We can handle signups, unsubscribes, bounces … all automatically – you don’t need to do a thing.

Then, we give you the ability to create stunning email newsletters – we will design the templates for you, help curate your list, and devise a year round schedule of activity for you. Email marketing is the cornerstone around which other elements – including your social media activity – can be built upon. Having a regular, targeted, communication with your best clients and prospects is a key to your continued success.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with your customers – being a consistent presence throughout their online experience, is a key ingredient in your digital marketing strategy. Social media is perfect for this.

Providing excellent opportunities to engage with people in an environment they’re comfortable in and familiar with, your brand can reach out successfully to millions of potential customers.

Social media can become a great source of new leads – if managed correctly. TickTock will help your social media marketing through targeted campaigns and content curation. Walking you through the process from start to finish – or executing the whole thing for you!


Boost the amount of visitors to your website with simple, measurable and direct campaigns through Google AdWords PPC. TickTock designs and manages your campaigns, ensuring that appropriate keywords are matched to targeted landing pages.

For a focused online marketing campaign – particularly ones with clear outcomes (like an online purchase, or a brochure download) – it’s hard to beat PPC. The ability to keep tight control over your costs, quickly assess performance, and pivot when necessary – means that PPC campaigns stand out for pure Return on Investment.

We can help at every stage of the process – from competitor analysis, keyword research, campaign set up & execution, as well as performance management, analysis and feedback.