Every now and again I’m completely blown away by the people I’ve met online.  Supremely talented, incredibly generous, and generally marvellous.  Never more so than this week when the good people of The Kenspeckle Letterpress, put this blog post online.



My love of all things Tom Waits is well documented and just about tolerated in our house (there are videos – which I refrain from posting here for fear of long term psychological damage – of my children singing a passionate version of ‘Get Behind The Mule’).  I digress.

The engraving that Rick has produced here is incredibly detailed and deliciously realised.  Can you imagine the time it takes to carve such a thing out of a block of wood?  Check out the detail in the steam clouds, in Tom’s jacket, his face, in the pipework.  I love it, and am extremely honoured to have played such a small role in it’s creation.

There are two great versions of the song that inspired the engraving available on YouTube – the official video, and a mash up with the Cookie Monster.  (Yes, that Cookie Monster).  Both are posted below.