There’s usually too much to digest if you try and follow someone liveblogging Apples developer conference … and so, have put together a pretty comprehensive checklist for us all:

WWDC 2011: Everything you need to know in one handy list.

Highlights include:

  • OS X Lion will be out in July for – wait for it – a mere $29.  That’s a whole new OS for about £17.
  • I like this the best of the Lion stuff: “You can run a number of full-screen apps at the same time and switch easily between them using a three finger swipe.  Cool.
  • Automatic saving of documents in the background when running versions
  • ‘You can browse through different versions of document in a Time Machine format and copy / paste between them.  Hmmm … getting into dropbox territory here, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that
  • Ah – a new version of Mail (at last) complete with snippets … perfect.
  • … and then a bunch of stuff on iOS5 which, I admin, I didn’t read
  • Gah – iCloud looks like it’s going to be dropbox.  Again, I’m not sure how I feel about this … I LOVE and don’t know if I want Apple encroaching on that turf.  We’ll see.
  • but … dropbox is limited for the iPad because the iPad has no inbuilt file storage / organisation system, and so iCloud might offer tighter integration / or a solution to iPad document syncing.  That’d be good.

Well, that’s that then.