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Tracking PDF downloads with Google Analytics

By default, there is no way of tracking document downloads – such as PDF’s – in google analytics.  Google Analytics works by sending some information back to google whenever someone lands on a web page.  But of course, a document download is not a ‘page’ in the traditional sense – so we need to find […]

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Front end coding for a responsive web

So then, the time has come to start a client project from scratch using purely responsive techniques (as defined by Ethan Marcotte’s book Responsive Web Design).  I’ve retro-fitted some responsive techniques to previous client sites, but this will be the first ‘responsive’ project I’m starting from scratch.  The three core ‘ingredients’ for this responsive website […]

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Mobile Development testing with Ripple

So – this looks interesting … a plugin for google Chrome browser for emulating mobile environments.  Whenever I work on mobile websites perhaps the biggest challenge is testing across devices – and being able to use the desktop for geo-location services and the like.  Ripple seems to overcome that difficulty: Ripple is a multi-platform mobile […]

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