It’s not a very closely kept secret – I’ve had a little notice at the top of the page for a couple of weeks, but the time has finally arrived to take the wrappers off of the book I’m writing.

I’m writing a manual for website owners which will guide those who have recently launched a website, are planning to launch a website, or who already have a website but feel like they’re not getting enough out of it, through the sticky business of managing, marketing and developing their online presence. (Phew – I may need to work on condensing that).

Writing a Book
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Before I go into more details – I’m going to ask you 2 favours:

1. I’d ask anyone who thinks this might be interesting to sign up to the books newsletter. You’ll get a free guide: 7 Tips to Effective Email Marketing, and you’ll receive weekly updates from the For Website Owners blog.

2. I’ll also ask you to visit the Facebook page for the book and like that too.

Thanks – your help and support is appreciated. I’ve told myself that if I can’t get a certain number of people to sign up from this blog post / email, then the project itself probably isn’t a goer.

What’s it all about?

Well, the book will cover all the areas that I’ve helped clients with over the past 10 years. What often happens when a client and I launch a website is that the client doesn’t quite know what they should be doing next. And so I will often walk them through the first few months – through the basics of getting their online presence found, getting it promoted, measuring it’s success, and developing it’s ongoing strategy. In many ways, this is more vital time for the client than the development process.

That’s all good, but I thought that there might be a better way to distribute that knowledge – that help – to a (marginally) wider audience and in a more digestible format than sitting next to me for a few months. So, a book.

What it will be is this: a guide for website owners who want to make the most from their websites, who perhaps don’t have as much time as I do to be keeping up with what’s current, what works and what doesn’t. Website owners who don’t want to hire a consultant for a website that’s already been built – but want to know what they should do themselves. These people are, after all, often self starters who are used to taking things on themselves.

I know that this is something needed by customers – I know it’s something worthwhile. What I need now is your support – so, checkout the book page, sign up for the newsletter – and follow the progress on Facebook. It’ll be a journey alright, and a good one at that.