So, this was just what I needed right when I was looking for it.  A flexible jquery based image slider.

I’m converting a few of my old client sites to a responsive web layout using all the tips and tricks found in my shiny new copy of Responsive Web Design.  Now, if there’s one thing a client loves, it’s an image slider … and, for a while I’ve gone back and forth over a few different ones that I use regularly.

However, because they all worked with a fixed image height and width, none of them were responsive enough for the layouts I am using.  At this point, in walked Blueberry.

Now, it’s version 0.1 Beta so it might not be the most robust or well developed yet – it’s really a simple fader with just a couple of options.  But it meets the needs of about 90% of my clients – and all the sites I’m converting.  So, hurrah for that.

Blueberry – a simple, responsive jQuery image slider.