It’s shaping up to be a busy summer at TickTockDesign … and I’m not talking about the kids being off school for 9 weeks.  (NINE!)

About to hit the streets is the new website for Claremont Insurance Companies – a General Insurance agency based in Walnut Creek, California.  There is some connection in this … for about a year I lived in Walnut Creek, California (it’s in Northern California – east of San Francisco) and made many great friends there.  Sometimes friends come back with work for you – and that was the case here.

The design is nice and fresh – giving the corporate image a much needed lift.  The whole site has been developed using WordPress which has become my go-to content management system thanks to it’s increasingly flexible approach to content management.  Augmented by a couple of excellent plugins (Easy Content Types and Advanced Custom Fields) there really is very little it can’t do.

The new design is responsive – it’ll adapt to smaller screen sizes, although primarily optimised for the iPad and iPhone it’ll behave nicely with Android phones and tablets too.  I’ve got before and after shots here:

Old Design



New Design



And on the iPhone



Next on the block …

Claremont should go live in the next week or so.  Following that a couple of projects shrouded in mystery (oooh …. )  Sort of.  I’ve got one project for the manufacturer of a specialist cycling product.  It’s good working with inventors – they’re passionate, knowledgeable and focused.  This project won’t see the light of day until January at the earliest I’d estimate – but it’s a fun one to be involved with and lots of interesting design possibilities.

The next is a huge, sprawling website for an event organiser.  In a previous life I worked at a couple of conference companies … now, I’m working on a site to launch a new one.  It’s exciting – the energy of the start up and an industry with which I’m extremely familiar.  Lots of WordPress-y goodness with this one too.

In between times, I’m doing some work for the crowd that manufacturers the engine for the new Morgan 3 Wheeler … If I can wangle a test drive, I’ll let you know!  For now, the design will have to suffice:


So, that’s about all that’s happening.  As I say, a busy summer ahead.  WIll keep you posted as the sites progress and launch!