I first found the Note Slate website a few years ago, originally linked to on Kottke.org and thought it was wonderful. Being able to scribble (doodle, write, sketch, take notes) on a device and have that device be able to save or share the document, seemed like a brilliant combination of old and new – a modern way to update note taking.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the actual Note Slate seems to have died in the water a little bit – which is a real shame, and I don’t know the full story behind it (they still have a Facebook page – and that’s how I got this eventual story), but it seems that Sony have picked up the idea.

skitch (6)


The major noticeable difference between the Note Slate and  Sony’s device seems to be size. Sony’s prototype is A4 size – sporting a 13.3inch screen. With 4Gb of storage and Wi-Fi for note sharing, I’m hoping that this comes to market in time for father’s day 2014.

There’s 4GB of on-board storage (with a microSD slot to increase that) and WiFi, which Sony plans to use for sharing notes with those who didn’t make it to class on time. With WiFi off, the rechargeable battery inside is expected to last for three weeks of solid learning.

The full article on engadget is here.