Every Thursday I run Open Office Hours as an opportunity for you to ask about … well, anything you like really.

I provide expertise in web development to my clients on a daily basis – and this is your chance to tap in to some of that for free. If you have a question about your existing site, or have a web based project in mind that you’d like to get an opinion on, or if you just want to chat about how to approach a web problem. Anything at all really. Open Office Hours is the place to do it.

I run it at 11am every Thursday morning and it’s an open Zoom session. To prevent from being Zoom Bombed, I send out the link in response to completing the short form below. I won’t do anything nasty with your email address, don’t worry – but I may use it to follow up with any questions you have during the session.

So … complete the form and I look forward to seeing you one Thursday soon!