This is the first hyper-local project I’ve worked on in a while … but it’s fun to get this local sometimes!  So … let me tell you a little story …

There was a shop here in Belleek that had traded for 50 years.  Owned and run by 2 brothers, McGraths stocked a seemingly random assortment of things you might never need but were perhaps tickling somewhere at the back of your mind ( ‘… y’know, I’ve never owned a Bodhrán … perhaps now’s the time.  Or, I could get that pair of wellies I’ve always wanted’).

Obviously, they did this successfully enough, but the thing I will always remember it for were for it’s shop dummies.  Writing this I cannot believe I never took a photo of them, but trust me – they’ll live long in my memory.  They were all blessed with a deathly green hue more at home in some zombie movie.  Some had 4 fingers on each hand – others fewer.  Their hair styling was, well, agricultural.  But dammit, they had personality.

Anyway … brushing all of that aside, in stepped Belleek Outlet Shopping and with them a breath of modernity.  It’s a 3 phase development – phases 1 (menswear, ladies wear, accessories) and 2 (shoes, bags) are up and running, and we just launched the website too.  Good stuff.

It’s not often that websites I work on are supported by a national TV Ad campaign, but they advertised throughout the Rugby World Cup in the autumn and also the X-Factor.

The whole thing has been such a boon to our local area.  On a Saturday it’s now often standing room only in the local coffee shop and it’s great to see lots of their carrier bags swinging merrily from shoppers hands.  A small village like Belleek needs enterprises like this and I wish them every success.