Ah – so, after a good few months in design & development, we were able to launch Angela’s Bella Flora website last week.  I’ve blogged about this before whilst the site was in development and the good news is, it still looks gorgeous!

The photography, the design, the products, the overall feel of the site – is just wonderful.  It’s been a pleasure to work on it.


For those who are interested, the site has been built using PHP.  The shopping cart itself is custom built – but the guts of it comes from a blog post that is now 6 years old (! – hard to credit, I know) from Matthew Pennell.  It’s a really handy little cart script – sure, it doesn’t do everything we needed, but that’s not the intention, it provides a solid enough base to begin with.

For the first time, I added a little AJAX sauce to the shopping cart … those viewers who have javascript enabled on their browser can add products to the cart without leaving the product page, which is nice – but, importantly, there’s a fall back in place for those who don’t have javascript enabled.  Actually, throughout the site there’s a series of nice little javascript enhancements – some subtle scrolling, some smooth show/hide bits and bobs.

I’m proud of the development work, and thrilled once again to have worked with such a talented team on the project – so thanks again to Marian who did all of the design work for the site, and for the ultra patient, enthusiastic and talented team at Angela’s Bella Flora – both Angela herself and Bonnie who have lived and breathed this project for a good while now.