So, I let out a deep sigh when I read this this morning from Wired Magazine:

Google is making plans to turn its +1 button into a crowdsourcing tool that helps it re-order search results and fight web spam.

+1 always faced a fight to elbow it’s way into a social sphere totally dominated by facebook, but if it becomes a factor in search engine ranking well, it kind of forces it’s way onto websites.  If you’re generating content, and you don’t display a google plus one button on your site then, potentially, you stand to lose search engine positioning.

Facebook shares it’s data stream with Bing – microsofts search engine.  Facebook is never going to share it’s data with google … so, google have to react – and this is their reaction.

Expect to see a lot more plus one buttons cropping up everywhere.  This blog will be no exception.  But I wearily resent the encroachment of these sharing tools as they become a means by which search engines can rank one source of content over another.  Of course – as the article points out – google already have over 200 ways of ranking content, but this feels a bit more intrusive.

Maybe it’s just me.