It’s an absolute age (well, just over 4 months) since I wrote this post saying that I was developing a responsive website for the Westville Hotel, in Enniskillen.  Well, after several changes of staff with the client, and at least two complete redesigns, we’ve finally launched this morning!

Exciting stuff.

So, yes, it’s a responsive site.  What does this mean?  Well, it means that the site will meet the user no matter what device it is accessed on.  So, the layout changes depending on whether it’s being accessed via a smartphone, a tablet, or a lovely 27 inch monitor.  The code base stays the same – this isn’t a separate site – it just adapts to it’s environment.  Smart.

I firmly believe that this is the way the web should be built.  It’s the only way that doesn’t involve duplicated content, or some huge compromise of functionality.

This example is not perfect – notably, the booking engine is hosted by a 3rd party which does not provide a responsive experience (which is hugely frustrating, but we can’t do anything about that yet.  Yet.) – and the sign up form for the email newsletter needs some work on the lower screen sizes, but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

Check it out.