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It’s time to give your website an MOT …

You’ve invested in your website, but in the back of your mind there’s a nagging suspicion: is it really working for me? (and, the question behind that: how do I know?)

It’s tough to keep up with everything – making sure your content is up to date and ranking well, keeping your website secure and protected, maintaining its speed and performance, and keeping on top of google’s ranking algorithm (which seems to change as often as the weather). It’s a lot.

 The solution? A regular MOT for your site … start 2022 right by getting your site ship shape!

*Source: Portent.com

Our Website MOT

Looking at all the most relevant factors in determining the health & wellbeing of your website.

Technical Site Audit

  • We’ll look at the security of your website, what steps are being taken to keep it safe.
  • We’ll identify any major performance issues
  • Identify areas where best practice has been compromised
  • We’ll identify areas that might benefit from future development

Site Performance Audit

  • Effective measurement of your sites performance, with solid points of action to improve it.
  • The performance of your site will likely decrease over time – images get added, plugins changed, and remember when your boss wanted that 100Mb video on the home page? Yeah. We’ll look at that for you.
  • Let’s understand what’s going on and provide recommendations to fix it.

Analytics Audit

  • Have you looked at your analytics lately? Whether you use Google Analytics or something else, we’ll attempt to understand your traffic and identify areas for improvement.
  • We’ll ensure key data – including goals and revenue – is correctly being tracked
  • Resolving issues that could lead to inaccuracy of data.

SEO Audit

  • We’ll run through your blog posts and page content and provide rock-solid recommendations for how to improve your performance in search engine.
  • We’ll identify weak spots (how many pages link internally to other pages?, do your meta descriptions & titles over-run google recommended limits?) and provide you with the information you need to improve it.

WordPress Security

  • Yup. WordPress is the most hacked CMS in the world (okay, it’s also the most popular – which goes some way to explaining it) – but are you taking the practical steps to ensure you’re not just another statistic?
  • How secure are your usernames, your passwords? Are you limiting the number of login attempts made to your site? What about your plugins and themes? Are they secure & updated … we’ll find it all out for you! 

Design Audit

  • We’ll look at the user experience of your website, identify sticking points where users drop off (in conjunction with your Analytics Audit), and help you understand what people are looking for but perhaps not finding.
  • What about colour choice, font size, readability … we’ll follow the latest WCAG to ensure your site is accessible as possible.

A fast & affordable way to evaluate your website.

For just £390, the report you receive is an extremely effective way of developing a road map for future development on your site. You will know – and quickly – what needs improving, why, and how to do it. 

You’ll get a smart, actionable plan of action for your website.

Let’s make 2022 the year your website turns a profit

It’s been a crazy couple of years. We know. Let’s start 2022 off right with a thorough audit of your website to get things straightened up. You’ve invested in it – let’s make sure there’s nothing preventing a return on that investment.

When was the last time you had the opportunity to take a breath and review everything on your site? Let us help you with that.

Answers to Your Questions

Why do I need a site MOT?

For the same reason your car needs one. Websites are living, breathing things (well, sort of). If we don’t look after them they wither and die (again, sort of). The performance of your website will deteriorate over time unless properly managed, the security of your website may also deteriorate over time (if you were sure of it to begin with). And, frankly, from the sites we normally come across … it’s doubtful if either performance or security were hugely impressive when the site went live in the first place!

What’s included?

A comprehensive analysis of each aspect of your website – from the effectiveness of your marketing copy, to the SEO performance, website performance and WordPress security. All the things you should be on top of but which, and let’s face it: we’re all busy, rarely get done.

What’s the value to me?

You get an up to date website – ensuring all the latest security measures are in place, ensuring everything possible has been done to optimise performance and accessibility. The work is being carried out by people who have worked in WordPress for nearly 20 years – so you’re getting experience and peace of mind. 

And you’re saving money on a costly rebuild. Taking an iterative approach to website maintenance and performance will prolong the life span of your website.

Will the MOT be actionable?

Yes! Definitely. We’ll be providing you with solid actions to take to help your website – and your business. You will know what edits to make, what steps to take – and it will all be explained to you in as straightforward a manner as possible. 

And then what happens … after the MOT?

Well, there are 4 possible outcomes … 1) You make the changes yourself, because you have the team / experience to do so. That’s great. 2) You ask us to make the changes – we have the experience to do so, as well as the first hand knowledge of what we’re recommending. We can price up the different work for you if you wish. 3) You hire someone else to do the work – and that’s fine. The MOT belongs to you, take it to another agency to deliver the work – that’s fine. 4) You ignore it. We hope that’s not what happens – everyone loses with outcome 4!

What do I need to do next?

Click any of the ‘Book Your MOT’ buttons and complete the short form that follows. If you have chosen the ‘pay now’ option you can pay and we’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps. If you have clicked the ‘learn more first’ option you’ll have booked in a call with us to discuss. We look forward to chatting with you!


Time and again we take on clients because their websites have become disorganised and unwieldy. Code is out of date, plugin use has spun out of control, and site security is – at best – wobbly (and often, just ignored).

We started offering an MOT service to avoid this. We recommend that at least once a year you get everything looked over – to protect your investment.

Just like you would with a car.

David Horn

Owner, David Horn Design Ltd.

What next?

You can schedule a WordPress MOT for your website by clicking the button below … we’ll schedule a call straight away and get started on delivering your website MOT.


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