I founded David Horn Design Ltd. in 2018, after a successful 15 years freelancing - under the much more ‘company sounding’ name, TickTockDesign. We specialise in developing high performing websites for businesses looking to grow. We work with a variety of platforms (WordPress, CraftCMS, Statamic) depending on the unique requirements of your project. We make sure the technology behind your website matches the requirements and ambitions of your business.

What makes working with David Horn Design special

It goes beyond experience – although we have that, and it goes beyond ability – although we have that too. Because we’re small (there’s just three of us) we offer an approachable and personable experience.

Unlike working with a larger agency, you’ll be working with the owner and the project manager directly. You won’t be palmed off with an inexperienced account manager, or somebody new every couple of months.

Our goal is to build lifelong relationships with our clients. Of course, it doesn’t always work out – sometimes clients out grow us, sometimes we just go our separate ways.

But we have clients who have worked with us for over fifteen years – and that comes about only because we’re able to nurture those relationships.

As a small team, we’re able to stay nimble – responding to the different demands of projects and of clients. We’ve learned over the years that we cannot be all things to all clients, and so we don’t offer SEO as a service, for example – or paid advertising or social media marketing.

These might be things that you think can be done under one roof – and maybe they can, but it’s a much bigger roof than ours.

Of course, we work with copy writers, SEO people, paid search people and so on – and we can happily recommend them, or bring them together on a project. But in-house, at David Horn Design, we’re web developers.

By specialising in website development – often WordPress web development, but also with CraftCMS and Statamic – we can offer a dedicated service to clients who expect the best. You not only benefit from our years of experience – but also our laser focus on just one thing.