Maybe you’re unsure of the next step.
We’re the next step.

What we do

We design & develop high performing websites for businesses looking to grow. We help our clients start, sustain, and grow their business. Whether they’re multi-national corporations, or bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

Our Work

We develop solutions for clients looking to grow and who need professional guidance from an experienced team. We work across a variety of platforms (WordPress, Craft CMS, Statamic, Shopify) to deliver high performing sites and increased profitability for our clients. Below is a look at the kind of businesses we work with, and you can check out our full portfolio here.


Complex websites with bespoke e-commerce solutions. Whether it’s built around Shopify, WordPress, Statamic or CraftCMS, and whether you’re selling three products or three thousand, the right solution is there for you.

Content Businesses

We work with business conference companies, content providers, and others looking to galvanise their audience around a diverse service offering. Including membership platforms, discussion forums, job boards etc. we build ways for content companies to generate revenue year round.

Small Businesses

The bulk of our clients are small businesses, maybe 5 – 30 employees, with a plan to grow. We help with strategy, design & development to guide businesses through the growth process. We partner with marketing agencies, copywriters, as well as SEO & PPC agencies to help deliver strong results for our clients – focusing on their growth and profitability.


An increasing number of businesses see the value in a year round offering to their customers. In comes the membership site – allowing business owners to offer member-only content – either free or paid. Combined with online marketing services, and the delivery of courses & coaching, cultivating memberships on your site is a great way to regain ownership of your audience.

What they say

Want to understand why your website is not performing as you think it should? Our website bootcamp service is a great way to get started working with us. We provide a thorough review of your website – how it measures up against your business goals (or help you set those goals if, y’know, you launched your site without them … ), and how to get your online business working as you always thought it should.

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Our Services

Website design & development, for small to medium sized businesses is our specialty. The majority of our projects involve eCommerce of some description and are built on one of a number of content management systems – normally one of WordPress, CraftCMS or Statamic.

Website Design & Development

It's our primary offering. Website Design & Development services. It's what we've done for 18+ years, and what we'll always focus on. Primarily WordPress, always awesome.

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Website Bootcamps & Audits

For people who believe their website should be performing better, for people who had goals for their sites - but somehow lost site of them in the daily grid, or for people who just know that their offering is better than their website is ... but can't quite put their finger on what to do about it - we have our bootcamps.

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WordPress Care Plans

You've spent the money, now you need to protect your investment. Ensure your site is up to date, optimised and secure against malicious attacks.

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WordPress Hosting

Where & how to host your WordPress website is perhaps the single most important decision you can make with regard to your site security, performance and reliability. We offer premium hosting from great, dedicated WordPress providers at discounted rates.

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We’re working with OneTreePlanted to deliver a more sustainable web development practice. We plant 100 trees for every new project launched, and if you host with us, we’ll plant 10 trees every month. It’s a start … read more.

Who are we?

We are an owner run digital agency, designing & developing beautiful websites that work incredibly well for your customers. We work with companies of all sizes and at all stages of their development. We have a special affinity for other owner run businesses of up to 20 or 30 employees, but that has never stopped us working with multi-nationals, solopreneurs or anyone in between.

I founded David Horn Design Ltd. in 2018, after a successful 15 years freelancing – under the much more ‘company sounding’ name, TickTockDesign. After that time I felt the need to build something more substantial – more lasting. Something the kids might want (although they’ve never expressed an interest). Something I thought the kids might want if they were completely different people.