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Should we still use Google Analytics?

I’ve been thinking about Google Analytics. I know – it’s the fun stuff. For years I would install GA on client websites without a second thought. It offers a huge range of analytical tools for clients who – with an amount of time on their hands – could set up a ton of different goals, […]

Connecting Thrivecart to Wordpress for Fulfilment

ThriveCart for sales, FetchApp for fulfilment – together at last!

Recently I’ve been working with a client who has a successful business selling downloadable materials for speech therapists. They’re collections of materials that help speech therapists run therapy sessions either in person or – as has been more relevant for the past 18 months – online. The client opened up a new sales channel and […]

Not TickTockDesign Any More. Yikes.

This is David Horn Design. I’m David Horn. See what I’ve done there? But my company used to be called TickTockDesign. Different, but it’s the same thing. It’s just me, some trusted colleagues, a fresh installation of WordPress and some full-strength decaffeinated coffee. So why the change? There are 2 main reasons which together meant […]

Pricing for e-commerce web projects

Hi there – I’d like an e-commerce site just like How much would that cost me? It’s a common enough question, and one that always leads your average freelance web designer to take a deep breath and sigh “Well, let me see … ‘. There are many factors that influence the cost of an […]

Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns

… boy, this has become an occasional blog! And this is just a quick note to let you know I’ve written a new article over on my blog for website owners. It’s a pretty basic guide to getting up and running with Facebook Ads. There’s a good bit of info in there, covering setting up […]

Site Launch: Direct Vintage – online vintage furniture

This is a nice looking site (if I say so myself!), and a fun project to be involved in. Direct Vintage sell vintage style furniture online … it’s actually a joint venture I’m involved in. TickTockDesign are providing marketing services for the site – as well as all the web design and development, so a […]

The Case for a Dedicated Mobile Website

Sometimes, a responsive web design is not the most appropriate way to develop a company’s mobile presence. There, I said it. Recently, all the talk is about responsive design – justifiably for the most part; it is a genuinely significant change for a lot of clients who now need to consider how and where their […]

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