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Firefox loses the favicon

This is interesting.  Browsers are slowly ditching ‘favicons’ (the little logos that appear in the URL address bar of your web browser), and Firefox is the latest to do so.  The reason is that it is very easy to create a favicon in the form of a padlock – giving your dodgy e-commerce site fake […]

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Companies starting to shift away from Google?

Are we starting to see a little bit of a Google backlash?  Not sure, but two major players in the past week or so have announced that they are no longer going to be using Google Maps to provide their mapping solutions. Foursquare is an extremely popular social media site that lets you discover nearby […]

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The right kind of water

I love – they’re a web firm based in Portland, Oregon.  They do good work, which you can check out on their site.  But it’s their blog that is never less than informative and frequently fascinating. Today, for instance, I learnt that boiling water first and then letting it cool, reduces the oxygen in […]

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Everybody’s favourite Duluthian

Everybody’s favourite Duluthian now has an Etsy store.  You can spend days looking through the lovingly made bits and pieces on Etsy … but you’d be hard pushed to find anything more joyful than this work by Marian Lansky (from Kenspeckle Letterpress fame).

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Groupon: probably not going to help you

Ah, this makes for sad reading. Groupon’s Messy Business. If you don’t know what Groupon is, briefly, it offers small businesses a quick way to dramatically increase the number of customers through your door by publicising dramatic discounts across their wide reaching network. Sounds like a good, quick win for businesses – and, in some […]

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Donegal Cottage Holidays goes mobile

So, this launched earlier in the week … the Donegal Cottage Holidays website, which has been in it’s current desktop state for about 18months or so now, has just launched it’s separate mobile website. Given the large number of pages involved (over 2,000 I think …) we decided that a responsive website would not be […]

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