Unlimit Health

Such a lovely project to work on. One of those where everything fits like a glove. The charity The Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Foundation were going through a re-brand (and, thankfully, a renaming!) and had hired a lovely branding agency to help with it all. They already had a search / PPC partner in Torchbox, so they needed us to pull it all together with their website.

And that we did. Starting with a strong branding foundation we built out their response website on top of WordPress. Not just any ‘WordPress’ though – a fully customised version ironing out the kinks and frustrations that WP can sometimes throw your way. Making editing a super easy process was so important for this tightly built team – and it has delivered in spades.

No longer relying on Squarespace for design & functionality they have been freed to create their own landing pages, their own contact forms, their own donation forms, and so on. Everyone’s really happy! You can visit the site here.

David Horn Design Ltd. did a fantastic job of interpreting our new brand and translating this onto our new website. The new website is also much more user-friendly, meaning our team can continue to adapt it easily. We have received very positive feedback since the launch … and the fact that David offers hosting and ongoing support services makes what would have been a big challenge to a small organisation like ours a much smoother transition.

Paula Plaza, Head of Communications
Unlimit Health


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