What We Do

A lot of the time, we’re designing & developing WordPress projects, for SME clients. WordPress is great. We know it inside and out, and there’s no doubt that it’s an awesome piece of software that can be crafted and built upon to create whatever you want. We’ve specialised in WordPress development for over 15 years now – there’s not too much that we haven’t done.

If you’d like us to carry out an audit of your current WordPress site, we’ll analyse its performance, its structure, its strengths and weaknesses – and provide a strategic look at areas for improvement. Get in touch.

But sometimes, we need to look elsewhere to get the best fit for your project …

... so what are some alternatives?

But sometimes, WordPress is not the best solution. Your project may suit a different platform better – Shopify maybe. A really strong e-commerce provider with good tools to help promote and analyse your online business.

Shopify is fast becoming the industry standard for e-commerce, particularly for small businesses looking for opportunities to grow. It’s a wonderful piece of software with a somewhat more intuitive interface for eCommerce than WordPress (and its go-to eCommerce solution, WooCommerce).

If you’re feeling bold, and fancy something a bit more … modern, ask us about Statamic. There’s a more agile way to manage content, something that is built for what feels like the future. After 18 years of building WordPress sites, we’ve started building sites in Statamic also. And it’s awesome. Maybe it’s right for you?

The best thing about Statamic? You don’t need a ton of plugins to get great functionality – so much is baked right in to the system. It’s a developers dream – and has fast become a clients dream too, with it’s sleek easy to use & understand backend, it’s becoming something I recommend to more and more customers for managing all of their website content.

So, which is right for you?

There is no one ‘right’ way to build a website …

… no platform that will be right for everyone. We will work together to understand your needs, the needs of your team and your customers, and together we’ll build something awesome.

Design & Development is a collaboration, a team effort. It needs input from stakeholders, from customers, from the people doing the work. Most of all, it requires engagement and trust.

We want to work with clients who understand that collaboration and who want to partner with an agency to grow with.

Which is why we offer a free consultation …

If you’d like a chat about how we can help – whether you’re looking for an audit,  training, hosting, marketing, or web design & development services, we’re happy to offer a free consultation. Usually lasting up to an hour, we can go over everything related to your project – and probably some friendly stuff that isn’t related at all. Complete the short form below to get started.

Schedule a no-obligation call whenever you’re ready to chat.