David horn design offers WordPress training for businesses & individuals looking to get the most out of their WordPress based website.

Whether it’s as simple as plugin recommendations, theme installation, as necessary as search engine optimisation for WordPress, or as complex as site performance improvements or bespoke functionality for your website, we can help.

Our training can be delivered in a number of ways:

One on one.

You’re the person responsible for maintaining your WordPress based website; you have a decent understanding – and perhaps a set of documents left to you by your developer – but you want to get a better handle on it’s capabilities, and maybe add some enhancements to it.

In-house training.

Your organisation has a number of people responsible for delivering and managing content – as well, perhaps, as a marketer looking to co-ordinate web publishing with social media campaigns. You need to enhance the performance of your site, deliver some new functionality, and ensure it is secure & backed up. We can help establish procedures and protocols for your team to work together.

Online training.

Perhaps you just need some help to set up a specific plugin, deliver some specific functionality, or troubleshoot a particular issue. We can work remotely with you – through Skype or other conference call tools – to guide you through what you need to do, how you can better manage your site and stay on top of the fundamentals for WordPress site management.

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Free Consultation.

If you’d rather just chat about what it is you’re looking for – whether that’s for training, hosting, marketing, or web design services, we’re happy to offer a free consultation. Usually lasting approximately 30 minutes, we can go over everything related to your project – and probably some friendly stuff that isn’t related at all. You can schedule a free consultation right now if you like.