What is it?

It is a plan to improve the performance of your business website. It is geared towards businesses not directly selling online, but those who use their website to generate interest in products or services – a brochure website.

It is a thorough analysis of your existing website, with an actionable plan for its continued improvement and success. We undertake user testing, statistical analysis, conversion rate assessment, and a whole raft of testing & benchmarking to get a thorough understanding of where your website can improve.

Whether your traffic is measured in the dozens or hundreds of thousands, we will assess ways in which the site can be improved to match your business goals.

(if you’re looking for an eCommerce specific service, we’ve got you covered)

Who's it for?

It’s for anyone who has ever felt any of the following

  • your website does not have a clear goal
  • you are unclear of its precise purpose
  • sales are not growing as you’d expected – conversions are slow
  • your website is not delivering the promise of your great service or product
  • you don’t know how to develop your site further – how it can best serve your companies goals
  • you simply cannot bear to touch your website any more – for fear it might just fall over
  • you need clarity on how the website can grow – a vision for the future

Getting Started

To get started, we’ll need the background to your business. What is the specific situation you’re in right now (I know, we’re approaching a recession. Scary stuff.) We’ll have an initial 1 hour discovery call where we’ll go into detail about the specific challenges are you facing.

Then, we’ll take the information from that call and go about a thorough analysis of your current website. Our approach is to carry out a heuristic analysis and share our findings in a checklist of improvements that can be made with very little investment.

Your site will be reviewed by myself, our lead developer, an SEO expert and a User Experience Expert. We’ll dig into your data, and give the website a thorough run through.

Then, it’s time for our 2 hour bootcamp session! We can deliver this online via the wonders of Zoom (or Teams, or Google Meet, if you prefer) and we recommend that there are at least three of your team there … anyone who has a direct influence on the strategy and direction of your website. We’ll record the session though, so you can share it through the company – but nothing beats the live experience.

Through the bootcamp we’ll go through the quick wins you can make on your website to see an immediate uptick in performance – but you’ll also get a more detailed report afterwards for you to digest thoroughly.

It doesn't end there ...

You’ll have access to me and the team throughout the next 30 days to answer any questions you have. We can schedule zoom calls to review face to face. Use that time to clarify anything that came up in the bootcamp, firm up courses of action, get feedback on other plans & ideas … it’s up to you.

Everything that's included:

  • Heuristic analysis of current website offering
  • Live one-on-one session with me to discuss the reports and who you can work to improve your website
  • Summary of the session with recommendations – including the action list and scope for more far reaching strategies to improve your web presence
  • Analytics & performance analysis carried out by an SEO expert
  • Recordings of real-life users trying your website while speaking their thoughts
  • 30 day access to me by phone or email

Let's do it

Our website bootcamp package costs £2200 and takes approximately two weeks to complete. If you’d like to get the ball rolling, please complete the form below:

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