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Category / jQuery

responsive jQuery video plugin

It’s been all about jQuery plugins for responsive web design these past few weeks … and here’s another good one: FitVids: A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds. And, nicely done this, they’re using another responsive jQuery plugin – FitText for the heading text. Nice work all round.  Hurrah!

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more on responsive jQuery image sliders

Ah well, now you’re talking … my recent post on a responsive jQuery image slider quickly became the most popular blog post on my website showing just how many people are looking for a responsive slider … and now, happily, there is a nice full featured jQuery plugin – FlexSlider – The Best Responsive jQuery Slider. Super […]

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jQuery image slider for responsive web design

So, this was just what I needed right when I was looking for it.  A flexible jquery based image slider. I’m converting a few of my old client sites to a responsive web layout using all the tips and tricks found in my shiny new copy of Responsive Web Design.  Now, if there’s one thing […]

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