jQuery plugin for select elements / long dropdowns

UPDATE: Thanks to a query on WordPress.org, this post is getting a bit of traction … so I wanted to point out that I now use something else entirely to style dropdowns. I use the Selectric plugin for jQuery. It’s super versatile, degrades nicely, and has some great styling options. Check it out!

A while ago, I wrote a wee post on a good solution for long drop down menus.  Okay, at the time I said it was a ‘great’ solution … but y’know, times change.

So now, Chosen exists.  Chosen is a plugin for jQuery or Prototype that makes select boxes better.  Simple.  But it’s great, and intuitive, and unobtrusive – without javascript, you’re left with standard select boxes (ta-da!) … but for most users it’s a greatly enhanced experience.  I particularly like the Multiple Select with Groups. Good stuff.

I’m going to use this almost straight away … I’ve been looking for a more intuitive ‘user chooser’ for a recent web app that I’ve been working on … and this should be just the job.