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Category / Social Media

Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns

… boy, this has become an occasional blog! And this is just a quick note to let you know I’ve written a new article over on my blog for website owners. It’s a pretty basic guide to getting up and running with Facebook Ads. There’s a good bit of info in there, covering setting up […]

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Why Facebook and TickTock struggle with mobile apps

I read this short piece the other day: Why the Facebook innovation machine doesn’t work on mobile devices. It’s an interesting read and I couldn’t help draw parallels with my brief (and aborted) foray into mobile app development. (And I refer here specifically to mobile apps – apps you download in an app store, and […]

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Using twitter for customer service

Twitter is a great customer service tool Twitter can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers … great for pushing notices, special offers, product updates, or just a bit of ‘personality’ out to your followers.  But it’s also a great way to handle customer service.  It allows you to deal with […]

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Push your content, not your website

Something I try and stress to people now when developing websites is that the key to getting them to deliver is to understand that it is not actually about the website itself, it’s about the content. Your content should exist independently of your website – you should be able to break it into chunks and […]

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Designing a facebook page for your business

Well, this is a topic that comes up increasingly – designing a facebook page for your business.  Okay, I know I’m behind with my own efforts – and facebook has just changed how they allow you to interact with your business pages (it gives us much more flexibility – but the change is a bit […]

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