Push your content, not your website

Something I try and stress to people now when developing websites is that the key to getting them to deliver is to understand that it is not actually about the website itself, it’s about the content.

Your content should exist independently of your website – you should be able to break it into chunks and deliver it across different channels.  You might have an in-house video which could be pushed to YouTube and Facebook.  A blog post that originates on your website could make a good question on LinkedIn, as well as a short update to your Facebook fan page.  One of your ‘frequently asked questions’ could be posted to Twitter – both to elicit responses and to start a conversation.



Photo by Beatnic – http://flic.kr/p/9EiyVy

And so on.  Try not to think of your website as the final destination for everything you know about your company and try and see it as simply a hub for your information.  Content may start here but it can go to many other places as well.  Places where your audience will be.  There’s no need to wait for them to come and find you when you can go out and find them!