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The Westville Hotel – a responsive web design

It’s an absolute age (well, just over 4 months) since I wrote this post saying that I was developing a responsive website for the Westville Hotel, in Enniskillen.  Well, after several changes of staff with the client, and at least two complete redesigns, we’ve finally launched this morning! Exciting stuff. So, yes, it’s a responsive […]

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Mobile web design considerations

Have just written a lengthy page on mobile web design considerations … I’ve got it as a page, rather than as a regular post because it will eventually feature more prominently on the site … but for now, that’s where it is.  I’m gearing up for some changes here at TickTock – 2012 is going to […]

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Let the designer design …

So, a lot has been written about Steve Jobs this past week or so, (and for what it’s worth, this Stephen Fry piece is my favourite), but the quote below is one that is resonating particularly strongly with me at the moment. You can’t just ask the customers what they want and then try to […]

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Prioritising features in web app development

A nice article from about prioritising features in app / software development. When you’re drawing the line around your software, make sure you’re not leaving in marginal utility features in an attempt to add more value. And, as a sucker for a nice infographic – this image from their post sums it up nicely.  Draw up a […]

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