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A new way to make a living

The other week – and for only the second time in 10 years – a customer declined to pay an invoice. I’m not going to go into the reasons – it wasn’t an especially acrimonious discussion, and it boiled down to a mis-understanding more than anything else, but still – it burnt for a little […]

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One Small Change

I’ve changed the way I work. It’s a small change but is already having a significant impact on how much I get done, and how I feel about what I’m doing. Currently, I’m reading 99U’s book called ‘Manage Your Day-To-Day‘ and, from the first chapter it’s struck a chord. The biggest problem we face today […]

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How’s it going?

I’ve fallen into a really poor habit. For the past however long, when anyone has asked me how I’m doing, or how it’s going, I’ve usually replied ‘Oh, you know, busy – really busy’ … the standard response to that is often ‘oh, that’s great – great in this economy’.  Which usually leaves me grumbling […]

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All about the productivity …

Just a quick one … I’ve got stuff to do. But I’m all about the productivity at the moment and wanted to share this great anecdote from Jerry Seinfeld (via lifehacker). Software developer Brad Isaac got some great advice from Jerry Seinfeld:  … He told me to get a big wall calendar that has a whole […]

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Notes from a brief business trip

This past week I was away for 2 days on a business trip … the kind where you leave at 4am on a Thursday, and arrive back at about midnight on the Friday. Short, intensive, rewarding and filled with travel.  I probably had about 10 hours when I was travelling in one form or another […]

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The Cheese Hub – site launch

Cheese and websites … two of my favourite things, and brought together so wonderfully with this deceptively simple little ecommerce project: The Cheese Hub.   They’re business based in Leitrim that have some lovely looking hampers and a really interesting business in cheese maturation for local producers. Shelves and shelves of maturing cheese line their […]

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New Site Launch – Claremont Insurance Services

As I wrote briefly last month, the website for Claremont Insurance Services has now just launched.  It looks well, and I’m pleased with it (as are they it seems).  They’ve a ton of content – almost 400 PDF downloads – and a whole bunch of functionality included (logging in to a 3rd party website, custom […]

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New work and upcoming projects

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer at TickTockDesign … and I’m not talking about the kids being off school for 9 weeks.  (NINE!) About to hit the streets is the new website for Claremont Insurance Companies – a General Insurance agency based in Walnut Creek, California.  There is some connection in this … […]

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New website design for Gerard O’Brien, Accountant

I’ve just completed this wordpress based web design project for our friendly local accountant, Gerard O’Brien.  It’s a fully responsive website – so you can view it on your iPad, mobile phone, desktop, laptop, fridge top, etc. and all will be well.  Take a look:   … and should you ever need an accountant in […]

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