If the image above terrifies you, rest assured, L.S. Browne are working hard to make sure all dentists are up to date with their professional training requirements!

This was a complex one! First of all, L.S. Browne opened up a super duper, state of the art training facility – offering dental surgeries for training, conference rooms, board rooms … the full works. It’s an awesome building, purpose built. Then, they needed a website (also awesome, also purpose built) through which they could create events, promote them, and attract other businesses to run their events there. Phew. It was a lot.

(but it’s reassuring to know – next time I’m at the dentist – how well trained they’ll be!)

So, a totally custom solution based on WordPress, but integrating with WooCommerce, Stripe for payments, and a whole ton of custom Gravity Forms to allow for the complex set up and running of courses. We’re really proud of this one – make sure to check it out.

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