The Braincalm Institute

The Braincalm Institute was set up by Occupational Therapist / Force of Nature, Brenda Cassidy. Aiming to transform the lives of students with ‘something going on’ (could be autism, ADHD, anything at all), Braincalm helps students, parents and teachers regulate and effectively manage behavioural challenges in the classroom and at home.

And boy have they delivered! The programme started small in Ireland and spread. It is now available in the UK – with plans to expand into the US market, the sky is the limit for Brenda and her tight knit team.

The whole thing is remarkable.

David is a unique find – a true “all rounder”. Over the years we have worked together I have learned from him not just about web development & design, but across the board. The team brings a wealth of knowledge skills to the table.

Brenda Cassidy, Owner
The Braincalm Institute

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