WordPress Web Hosting


We offer all of our clients a fully managed WordPress Hosting service – alongside our ‘never stress again’ WordPress Care Plans.

It is not enough to host your WordPress site on a £9.99 per month shared hosting package. Your site needs to be hosted on a platform that is tailor made for WordPress, that is optimised for its unique requirements, and that you can rely upon to be available 24/7.

Cracking Performance & ‘No Stress’ Security

Our plan includes daily scheduled backups and free installation of an SSL certificate for every site. Always be sure your site is in good hands. We are continually checking for malware and security breaches on your site – and can also offer to keep your plugins fully up to date if you wish.

The Nitty Gritty

Dedicated WordPress Hosting is available at £35 per month. For that you get …

  • Regular, Scheduled Security Checks: Continuous checking for malware, and security vulnerabilities
  • Daily Backups: Complete backups of your site files & database, every day – with 30 days of backups
  • Super Fast Performance: State of the art servers ensure great performance – no matter how much traffic you send to the site
  • Built In Caching – and Content Delivery Network: Your website served from the most appropriate location for your browsers – with super fast caching as standard
  • For a more comprehensive service plan, take a look at our WordPress Care Packages