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How secure is your WordPress site?

Sometimes, WordPress gets a bad rap. Someone has heard that it’s not secure. A local business had its site taken over by hackers. Isn’t it the most hacked system in the world? WordPress security often feels like the topic du jour. And you know what? It’s likely all true… but not for the reasons you […]

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The Case for a Dedicated Mobile Website

Sometimes, a responsive web design is not the most appropriate way to develop a company’s mobile presence. There, I said it. Recently, all the talk is about responsive design – justifiably for the most part; it is a genuinely significant change for a lot of clients who now need to consider how and where their […]

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WordPress plugins for advanced content management

I’ve been spending a good amount of time in WordPress lately – with two projects in particular really testing it’s capability as a full content management system.  Since WordPress reached what we might call ‘full maturity’ with version 3.0 back in June 2010, it has become an incredibly powerful system – not just for blogging […]

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