Sustainable Web Development

Journey to Sustainable Web Development

Longest journeys / small steps etc. … mighty oaks / acorns … you get the picture. Last week we took the first steps to becoming a sustainable agency. We’ve started with the easy stuff – because, y’know, it’s easier. We’ve partnered with OneTreePlanted to plant trees every month to help counter the impact of hosting our own website. Our website will be moving to data centres run purely on renewable energy in the next month. All of our hosting customers will be moved on to those providers also, and for every new hosting customer we will plant 10 trees per month.

You can read more about our move toward sustainable website development and I encourage you to learn more about OneTreePlanted.

A quick word on why we chose OneTreePlanted: we didn’t want to get involved with quantifying carbon offsets or gaining carbon credits and so on – as valuable and useful as those things are. What we wanted was demonstrable on the ground action in communities that need it. Planting trees. You can’t plant too many. We didn’t want to think ‘phew, we’ve now offset the carbon from this project, now we’re done’ … we wanted to think ‘okay, we work online, we produce carbon … a good way to help balance that is to simply plant trees’. It’s the simplicity, coupled with the direct community based action, that appealed to us.