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Pitching to clients … a broken process

I’m quite lucky. I don’t do an awful lot of pitching to clients. Lucky because it’s not something I enjoy very much, and lucky because I find the whole process to be flawed and not necessarily conducive to finding the best match between a client and myself. The pitch immediately creates a ‘them and us’ […]

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Re-framing the debate, iPhone vs. Android

This is a nice article about how Apple is changing the Android/iPhone debate away from an ‘open vs. closed’ framing, towards a ‘fragmented vs. integrated’ argument. It’s nicely illustrated in this quote from Jobs: We think the open versus closed argument is just a smokescreen to try and hide the real issue, which is, “What’s […]

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Web Designers who can’t code

This great post from Elliot Jay Stocks covers a number of points that I deal with on a few levels each week. To start off: I am a web designer who codes. I’m someone who enjoys the process of writing good, semantic code – loves the cleanliness of it, loves the craft, the constant learning, the […]

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