Google feature Angela’s Bella Flora in their ‘Get Your Business Online’ series …

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages – but y’know … stuff kept happening.  I wrote a little while ago about the launch of the Angela’s Bella Flora website and at the time, they were being featured by Google in their ‘Get Minnesota Businesses Online‘ programme.  I don’t know too much about the programme – but basically the business was featured as a case study for the benefits of having a website.

Of course, having a wonderfully designed and executed website is even better … and this video shows that off nicely!  (Design work was provided by Marian Lansky – whereas I built the thing).

As a ‘by the by’ … this little video also meant that, unlike a lot of projects I work on where the client is in America – I am now actually able to put faces to the names.  So that’s nice.