Online Marketing Training – resources from recent presentations

Right then – this post is primarily for those who attended my recent online marketing workshops which took place in Derry through September – but there’s plenty here for anyone interested in understanding more about how websites work – especially in relation to search engines and social media.

So, I’ve broadly categorise the resources as follows:

My Presentation

  • My presentation as a PDF
  • My presentation as a power point document – which contains my notes for each slide where applicable.

Setting Goals / Objectives for your website

  • an extremely good book I read which covers this subject is Paul Boag’s Website Owners Manual I recommend it without reservation
  • Paul has also written good articles about the business of owning a website – check out his blog and in particular when he writes about marketing and web strategy

Working with Search Engines

During the course, the area we spent most time on was working with the search engines – and search engine optimisation.  Probably the best single resource for this area is Google’s own guide – you can read their web page here and at the top of that document there is a link to their PDF guide which I recommend everyone reading.  Download it here.

  • I also used this book for some background research into the topic – Search Engine Optimisation, an Hour a Day.  It’s a good book and a good methodology – but it’s hardly essential reading for most of you.
  • A great resource from a company I mentioned in a couple of the presentations – SEO Moz.  They have a free guide – written from a more commercial perspective than Google’s guide, and you can download it here from a link on the right hand side of the page

Getting started with Social Media

A couple of presentations I used to get statistics / information from:

That’s about it.  I should point out that where I’ve linked to books, I’ve used affiliate links – i.e. if anyone finds this blog post and purchases a book from one of the links above, I’ll make literally Some Pence from the sale.  That said, all the books mentioned above I own and recommend – and all were used to varying degrees when preparing the seminars I gave in September.

Great.  If you’ve got any questions, just holler.