Connecting Thrivecart to Wordpress for Fulfilment

ThriveCart for sales, FetchApp for fulfilment – together at last!

Recently I’ve been working with a client who has a successful business selling downloadable materials for speech therapists. They’re collections of materials that help speech therapists run therapy sessions either in person or – as has been more relevant for the past 18 months – online.

The client opened up a new sales channel and connected it to the shopping cart provider ThriveCart – and hasn’t looked back. It’s a great bit of software which converts really well. Love it. (Can you sense there’s a problem coming … ?)

The problem was, ThriveCart did not connect to the app she was using to deliver the materials – FetchApp. Whilst she was testing out sales through Facebook promotions, she was having to manually create the orders in FetchApp in order to fulfil them. Ugh.

This is the part where I come in … I was able to code a custom solution that resolved this for her and sits quietly on her WordPress site, working away with no bother.

Connecting ThriveCart to FetchApp

Using a web hook in ThriveCart, we were able to process the order data coming in, match it against a list of products from FetchApp and then send an order to FetchApp to be fulfilled. Job done.

Connecting ThriveCart to FetchApp - the code
If my code is not green and purple, it doesn’t work. Fact.

It’s a really nifty little solution which means that, as a digital seller, she no longer has to get involved in fulfilling orders from ThriveCart and has been able to ramp up the new sales channel with dramatic results. Everyone’s happy.

It’s a simple solution that lives on the client’s WordPress site, and connects the great sales she gets through ThriveCart with the great fulfilment options from FetchApp.

Right now, it’s a bit of custom code that sits solely on my client’s website … but soon, it will be available as a plugin for any digital seller looking into connecting ThriveCart to FetchApp. If you are interested in the plugin and would like to receive both an early notice of its availability and a 50% discount when it comes online, please do complete the form below to let me know – and I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, if you’d like to discuss a custom solution just for your business – use the same form to tell me. Selling digital products is a wonderful business, but only when all the moving parts talk to each other!

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And if you have a situation where something is working well … but not quite brilliantly, that is exactly where we like to step in and help. If you’re running a business online and need help connecting services with your WordPress site, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you and understand how we can help.