Creating and using subdomains with MAMP Pro – easier than you think

This weekend I was trying to set up subdomains in MAMP Pro to replicate the server set up for a new project I’ve taken on.  Although this task is actually quite straightforward in the end, I couldn’t find any decent documentation on it until coming across an article by Mark Van Der Putten that got me going in the right direction.  Thanks Mark! [update: August 2021 … I had originally included links to Mark’s article in this post, but those links no longer exist, so I have removed them.]

Meanwhile, in the comments were requests for the step by step to be written up.  Mark obviously hasn’t had the time, so I wanted to jot down these notes for anybody they might help.  So, to create and use sub-domains with MAMP Pro, follow these simple enough steps:

  • open Mamp PRO, click hosts and create a new host that you will use to map for your primary domain
  • choose a Disk Location for this new host, and a server name, say: mydomain
  • now, create another new host that you will use to map for your subdomain, choosing a new disk location whilst you’re there.  (I develop in one folder called ‘code’ and in that I have a new folder for each sub-domain)
  • give this new host a different server name, say: subdomain
  • for this new sub-domain host, click the ‘plus’ sign beneath the aliases box, and create an alias: subdomain.mydomain
  • and that’s it.  Typing subdomain.mydomain:8888 will now map to the new host you set up as the sub domain

Hope that helps somebody.