Email Marketing – cheap, effective, super simple

Recently, I’ve had a few new clients sign up for my email marketing service – as well as working with some old favourites.  It’s a great thing for both me & the client – for me it’s a simple way to generate a little passive income and for my clients, it’s a great way to either promote their services or sell their products.

As a recent example, my longstanding client, The Kenspeckle Letterpress just sent out this simple email to their customer list.

The email was incredibly successful.  It was sent out to a total of 496 people. It was then opened by over 61% of them, and over 65% of those clicked on a link. That’s remarkable (on average, a 30% open rate and 30% click through rate is more common).

In the 4 days since the email, they generated 273% more online revenue than in the 7 days prior to the email – orders are still coming in. The additional revenue came with a return on investment of 2370%.  That is additional revenue – directly attributable to the email – achieved with a tiny marketing spend.  Super stuff.


If you’d like to start sending emails like Kenspeckle – drop me a line.