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Does Google care about organic search?

Probably not. Not that much anyway. Since Google became the best place to get reliable search results on the web (what, 10 years ago?), they (and I) have been preaching that a well structured page with well written content containing a good balance of keyword information and useful information to the potential viewer, is the […]

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Setting up goals and funnels in Google Analytics

At the beginning of last month I wrote a post about custom dashboards in google analytics and I promised at the time I’d come back and write a companion post about setting up goals and funnels in google analytics. Well, I have – only it’s not here. It’s on another blog that I’ve just started up […]

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Adding Custom Google Analytics Dashboards

I use Google Analytics for the majority of websites that I work on. It can though be a hugely daunting prospect – the amount of information available is huge, and getting to grips with what of it is useful, and what can safely be ignored, can be challenging. So, I tend to do 3 things […]

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Useful SEO links from my talk in Belfast

Last night I gave a short, one hour look at the crazy world of Search Engine Optimisation to the Belfast Entrepreneurs Network.  It was a nice, informal little event that I enjoyed very much.  In the talk there were a bunch of links / resources that I brought up that I wanted to collect here […]

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Quick Search Engine Optimisation Updates

Following recent updates to Google’s search algorithm (both Penguin and Panda* updates have been rolling out changes over the past few months), greater emphasis has been placed on ‘dwell time’, ‘click through rates’, and even content that is placed ‘above the fold’. What do these mean to you?  Well, ‘dwell time’ is the length of […]

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Email Marketing just got a good bit more important …

Earlier this month, Google announced a few changes that they hope will bring increased relevancy to google search results in their quest for the perfect search engine: Larry Page once described the perfect search engine as understanding exactly what you mean and giving you back exactly what you want One of the upshots of this is […]

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