Setting up goals and funnels in Google Analytics

At the beginning of last month I wrote a post about custom dashboards in google analytics and I promised at the time I’d come back and write a companion post about setting up goals and funnels in google analytics.

Well, I have – only it’s not here. It’s on another blog that I’ve just started up called For Website Owners. You can check it out here: Goals & Funnels in Google Analytics.

There is going to be a cross over in some of the subject matter on these two blogs – but for now, the rule of thumb will be: things I find interesting in the day to day of running my business (cool tips & techniques I find online, great gadgets I need to save up for, etc.) or current interests (like productivity, or the mobile web) will be featured here.

For Website Owners will deal more specifically with the challenges facing business owners who are now also website owners – how they should go about promoting their business online, getting more customers through their website, or just getting a handle on their social media efforts. And you can check it out here.