Sorry, we’re sleeping right now

So, I was in the support section of a web app earlier today, sending a brief email question.  Web apps need to be available 24/7 and many need to be supported similarly.  It is often disappointing to see the ‘we’re not in right now, but send the message anyway …’ message.

Over on the right hand side of the page were photos of their support staff – showing me who was on hand to help, and who was sleeping.  This was really nice – it immediately communicated several things to me: i) there was somebody there to receive my request ii) there’s a sense of humour at this company and iii) they acknowledge their customer base is global and they have systems in place to handle it.  Lovely.

Now, in terms of the support experience, I may not get responded to any quicker (although I suspect I will) – the people who are awake, may not be able to help me today, I don’t know, and there are no expectations set as to when I might hear back.  But none of that matters to me now.  The support department for this company has a human face and a sense of humour.  I trust they’ll answer when they can, and I’m reassured by seeing the faces of the sleeping or otherwise support staff.  Good stuff.