Thinking of redesigning your website? Here’s the checklist that all MD’s and owners need

This article appears in full over at Consult VIA – you can read my thoughts on redesigning your website from the perspective of an MD or business owner. Interesting stuff … although yeah, I would say that!

We’re all tempted by the website redesign. The promise of instant rejuvenation and that ‘new website smell’. It’s appealing. Typically, businesses will stick with a website design for two years, live with it uneasily during a third year, and take the plunge at the start of the fourth.We’ll come back to whether or not this is the best way to approach things – and discuss an alternative approach – but for now, if you’re thinking about a redesign, let’s consider some of the essentials:

Why are we redesigning?

Valid answers include: to make the website more accessible to a broader audience; to ensure we are accurately & persuasively communicating our company values; to provide our customers with a better (more usable / personal / persuasive) experience.

Invalid answers include …

You can read the full thing here.